Following the success of the recent Artist of the Week programme, Salon Contemporary is thrilled to introduce a novel competition for all the budding, creative and visionary curators out there!Curator of the Month’ is offering young talents the chance to curate an exhibition of the nation’s aspiring contemporary artists in the artistic hub of Notting Hill, with the chance of international exposure and opportunities!

This competition provides a huge opportunity for any recent graduate with a talent for curating, and any business student with an interest in applying his or her skills to the art market, or any art history graduate/final year student willing to push boundaries and take risks within the contemporary art world.

On the last day of every month, Salon Contemporary will announce the winning ‘Curator of the Month’, who will then be invited to curate one of the galleries exciting forthcoming exhibitions in 2011.

Remember that this competition is monthly – there is no deadline, so if you’re not successful one month, there’s no reason not to keep applying!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

We have interviewed our first Curator of the Month, Celina Langen with a few questions so we can get to know her a little better. Enjoy!

Describe your ideal exhibition - what would you most like to curate?

Curating a show with talented new contemporary artists is the perfect exhibition for me, so this is a fantastic opportunity. Creating a show of young artists with such varied artistic approaches and backgrounds gives me a real insight into current trends and the scope of contemporary artistic possibilities.

 Your favourite city and why?

London is the perfect city to me. I don't think I will ever tire of it – there is so much to discover. I love the international environment and its cultural variety.

Your top three German artists?

Works by artists such as Max Pechstein and Wassily Kandinsky fascinate me both in terms of what they achieved stylistically as well as their role within the cultural context of their time. A more contemporary artist I am really interested in is Alsem Kiefer – I find the contentious nature of his work compelling.

Your expected trend for young British Artists? (any medium, style,
genre type of artwork you predict to become popular in the next few

I think artists will keep employing products of our consumer society as mediums to reflect the Zeitgeist.
There are no real limits for young artists today and, as such, originality is more prized than ever.

Your best memory from your previous art work experiences?

I really enjoyed being involved with the exhibition 'Who Knows Tomorrow' at the museum Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin. Displaying contemporary African art in the German capital was not only an exciting aesthetic endeavour but also had tangible political significance.  

Celina Langen

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